Client Testimonials

"My experience has been positive in every respect. The quality of the caregivers has been excellent, and they relate very well to my wife and me. Thank you for the outstanding way in which you've handled insurance claims. Thank you for everything!"
  - Robert S.

"I have been a client of A Better Living Home Care for 5 years. Before our caregivers came into our lives I was unable to care for myself, and I took a hard fall. With my caregivers I am happy to have somebody here with me, and I feel very safe. All the caregivers that A Better Living Home Care has sent has been very professional. I don't think I could do it without you! Thank you!"
 - Terri F.

"Christine has provided excellent care for my mother with no complaint from me or her. She gives our family that much needed peace of mind that our mother is well‑cared for. That gives us all peace of mind. Christine does not hesitate to take household matters into her own hands, but does not hesitate to inform us of all matters and request help when needed (for the house). She is considered a family member, but we know she can care for our mother better than we could. She is a real asset to our family."
  - Leah V.

"Dear Jay, I want to let you know how grateful we are and how much my Mom appreciated the care given by Nicole. Mom was not very receptive to having a caregiver in the first place, as she had had experience after a couple hospitalizations with others and was not impressed. But soon Mom came to rely upon Nicole, as did we. She mentioned many times that Nicole was meticulous in her wound care, industrious, and personable. Nicole soon became the expert at tube feeding and was willing to try various regimes to try and find something that was comfortable for Mom. Nicole was very caring and called us when she though Mom was ill and needed to go to the doctor.

You may not know but Mom came home from the hospital under hospice care which included visits by a home health aide, but Mom had come to rely on Nicole and though she knew it would cost her she preferred having Nicole come. I can't tell you how much of a comfort it was for us who were taking care of Mom in her last days to have the assistance and guidance of Nicole. We are a large family and there were often others around and Nicole had to cope with our grief and tension. Her professionalism and willingness to adapt to a changing schedule was wonderful for us. Every one of us is grateful for Nicole's loving, tender care for our Mom."
- M.S.

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